The COVID-19 App Don Kora Jacob (S2 CS1) has developed an app which gathers data from all across the world & gives an approximate count of the current cases. • The categorisation makes it efficient & easy to use. • You are able to see the status of the virus outbreak globally as well as country wise. So, there's no need to google it daily anymore!!! • Graphical representation & maps are the key features included and the coding was done by making use of Flutter. App Download link- https://don-k-jacob.github.io/Covid_19.html


Lockdown has meant a significant drop in #HIV infections and right now, more than ever, it's #timetotest ... but time is running out as #lockdown eases. We offer full support if you're nervous about using a home test kit so please don't be worried about it. #breakthechain of #hiv infections - order your free test kit here: https://test.tht.org.uk/ #breakthechainofinfection #breakthechaincampaign #hivprevention #endthestigma #endhivstigma #endhiv


Challenged by @gretchenho to #BreakTheChainOfInfection and it starts at home! During this pandemic, keeping your immediate surroundings clean should be on the top of your list. Today, I'm giving my pain cave that One Big Fight against germs and odor. I'm challenging my athletes @linjavier_ and @gretchenque to do the same and #DisinfectToProtect #FlyingDonVCoaching #KnowYourNumbers #TrainSmart #ChampionsBleed @newbalance #NewBalancePH @specialized_ph #iamspecialized @wahoofitnessofficial


As part of their #DisinfectToProtect mission, Lysol has partnered with the Philippine Red Cross in the continued fight against COVID19. Together, they will help boost mass testing to support government efforts and make it accessible to even more Filipinos.💙 ⁣ ⁣ It was an honor to be a part of this event. Thank you Lysol Philippines and Stratworks for the trust. ⁣ ⁣ #NewNormal #BreakTheChainOfInfection #DisnfectToProtect⁣ ⁣#host #eventhost #eventshost #events #emcee #emceelife


Lepas 2 Minggu baru dapat Result 😅 #SwabTest #Covid19 #BreakTheChainOfInfection #SocialDistancing


What part of your home do you disinfect the most? . For me it’s the doors and handles. This is one of the biggest risks for bacteria to spread since everyone touches them. Stay safe and disinfect always 🙏🏻 . @lysol_ph #BreakTheChainOfInfection and #DisinfectToProtect


COVID19 INNOVATION Automatic Handwash Dispenser Vishnu P. Kumar (S4 EC2) developed a portable adapter that can be attached to standard hand wash bottles which will enable touch-less actuation of the dispenser. •Sensor based operation. •Controlled dispensing of liquid. •Threaded adapter that suits standard bottle necks. •Product w/o suction hose fits into a box of 50mm × 50mm × 70 mm.


Just watched @lysol_ph turnover ceremony of the whopping 36 Million Peso fund to @phredcross #PhilippineRedCross ♥️ 18 Million will go to the structure of a testing center while the rest will be for facilitating the much needed mass testing. Yes, this means more help to combat this pandemic! Let's all #BreakTheChainOfInfection and #DisinfectToProtect


I make sure that when I go home I feel safe. I use the extra time to clean and disinfect especially after having to go out. I only clean with Lysol because it’s the brand I’ve tried, tested and trust. I challenge @aldopanlilio12 @gitagumabao and @diemmylhexie to join and post your photos with the sign, STAY SAFE AND DISINFECT TO PROTECT. Together let’s spread awareness so I encourage all of you to post your photos with the hashtags below! I’ll be choosing 3 followers who will win a can of Lysol from me 💙 #BreakTheChainOfInfection #DisinfectToProtect #MGXLYSOLPH


Limiting the spread of infection by adhering to Social disctancing rules and wearing a mask at all times. I also disinfect ALL my packages before entering the home. Hey @lissakahayon, @davidguison, @gretchenho - how do you plan to #breakthechainofinfection and #disinfecttoprotect ? Make your pledge by uploading a photo of you holding a card with the message: “Stay Safe and Disinfect to Protect" @lysol_ph


Happy Thursday from A & C Foundation. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is protective equipment: gowns, masks, goggles, gloves or other garments designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. PPE training provides the learner with education on the correct method of applying and removing equipment to decrease exposure to infections and potential hazards. Are you using your PPE correctly? Contact us if you would like more information. #infectioncontrol #covid19 #infection #handwashing #donning #doffing #healthcare #stopthespread #breakthechainofinfection #care #learning #publichealthontario #safety #healthcare #nurses #doctors #personalsupportworkers #ipac #ontariocanada


Ngayong quarantine, we spend the entire day sa loob ng bahay kaya dapat lang na we keep our family protected against germs. Sa panahon ngayon wag magpapakasiguro! Even the things you bring inside your homes may harbor bacteria and viruses that can cause illness, kaya ako.. When in doubt, I-Lysol mo yANNE!!💛 @lysol_ph #BreakTheChainOfInfection #DisinfectToProtect #Ad


As for my family and I, we are very cautious and diligent in disinfecting all our groceries and necessities that we bring into our home. Indeed, We can #BreakTheChainOfInfection together with @lysol_ph 💪🏻 Take a pledge by making a card that says “Stay safe and Disinfect to Protect” 1. In the caption, let us know how you can help in limiting the spread of infection. Dont forget to include the hashtag #BreakTheChainOfOnfection and #DisinfectToProtect 2. Tag 3 friends and ask them to do the same😘 We believe we can all do our part to mitigate this global pandemic!


💙 . During this time, our family have spent a lot of quality time together indoors. We cooked together, we baked bread, we played inside our house and we minimized going outside aside from getting essentials. . And we have been very proactive in making sure we don’t bring any germs, virus and bacteria back home! I realized that although surfaces might look clean, that does not mean that it is free of germs! So at home, we always take that extra time to #DisinfecttoProtect 💙 Good thing we have @lysol_ph as our partner in making sure we #BreakTheChainofInfection and keep our worries at bay during this uncertain time. And Lysol is so easy to use as well that disinfecting the pre-cleaned surfaces at home is super fast and easy! We always make sure that we disinfect FREQUENTLY TOUCHED surfaces to kill 99.9% of germs, virus and bacteria! We spray it on door handles, phones, remotes, table surfaces, fridge, kids toys and so on. So there is no doubt we are protected! Parang walang duda sa bahay mo, i-Lysol mo! Watch the video to see how we do it in our home! 💙💙💙 How about you? What are your disinfecting mom hacks for this time? . . . #lysolph @lysol


MinMoe The Face Recognition Terminal is a kind of access control device integrated with temperature screening function. It can take skin-surface temperature faster and upload abnormal temperature event to the control room, which can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, such as enterprises, stations, dwellings, factories, schools, campus and so on 🤒Thermal Screening 🚪Access Control 📊Attendance Tracking 😷Mask Detection Contact for more details 📲9072 309 333 📲9072 309 444 #accesscontroltech #accesscontrolsystem #facerecognitionsystem #biometricsecurity #covıd19 #fightagainstcoronavirus✌️ #breakthechainofinfection #breakthechain


It's been a busy morning completing my training in Infection and Prevention Control from @ihasco When the time comes that we are allowed to re open, it will be beneficial to have additional knowledge, additional qualifications and of course a new Risk Assessment for the current situation. This is something I will be happy to show you and provide. So please do ask. I’m here to provide the best service I can under the correct guidelines. Here’s to seeing you all soon! -Riz x . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ihasco #training #infectionprevention #trainingcertificate #hygiene #breakthechainofinfection #riskassessment #somethingtolookforwardto #forwhenwereopen #staytuned #teepees_tents_and_treats #teepeenorwich #teepeenorfolk #teepees_tents_and_treats #sleepoverparty #sleepoverpartiesnorfolk #sleepoverpartynorfolk #sleepoverpartiesnorwich #sleepoverpartynorwich #norfolksmallbusiness #norfolkbusiness #norwichsmallbusiness #norwichbusiness


Protect your loved ones from getting sick during this time. Stay protected with Lysol today! #BreakTheChainOfInfection


Nukilan dari band @officialtheislandband ❤️💛💚 Dalam kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi, Dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa, Dalam kelembutan lidah ada juga keterlanjuran kata, Dalam gurau senda sudah tentu ada khilaf dan dosa. Mohon Ampun Zahir Dan Batin – Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri dari kami The Island. Teruskan patuhi SOP dari Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dan lakukan penjarakkan sosial 1 meter. We can win to break the chain! 1. Elakkan 3C (Crowded place, Confined space & Close conversation) 2. Amalkan 3W (Wash, Wear & Warn) 3. Terus patuh kepada S.O.P #movementcontrolorderraya #mco2020 #bless #eid2020 #socialdistancing #stayathome #kitajagakita #breakthechainofinfection #newnormal #newnorm #kitajagakita #pkpb #pkp #staysafe #staystrong


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